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With function comes form


Each one of our builds go through an in-depth process - with a tailored approach for each vehicle, every build is unique in its own way.


Finding the ideal vehicle to designate as your gateway to adventures is quite a challenge - it can be done, but it requires patience, discernment, and the ambition to make a financial decision in a split second.

Oftentimes, the process comes with stress, irritation, and even making rash decisions. Then there's the mechanical / historical aspects of a vehicle, as well as the model specific quirks that you have to do your due diligence on.


To help alleviate all the side side effects of finding the right machine, we source them, recondition and upfit them for you. Each vehicle we find undergoes a strict screening process before we consider taking it in. Some of the things we look for in our criteria are:

  • Hard to find and highly desirable vehicles
  • Relatively low mileage for its age
  • Ownership turnover
  • Vehicle history
  • As original as possible with no signs of abuse

As mentioned above, finding a niche vehicle that works as a solid foundation is difficult. Finding one that meets are expectations is rare. With a solid foundation to build upon, we can then dive in to create something that is truly special - a Sandbox Spec overland vehicle.