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Sandbox Overland Vehicles / Sandbox Off Road specializes in outfitting and curating off road and overland parts that are designed to improve the performance and versatility of your vehicle. We do not believe in throwing every part available onto a vehicle and calling it done - each one of our builds serves a purpose and are suited to fit your lifestyle. Ultimately, we're here to help and offer a solution to help make building your rig less complicated.

We excel in the following:

  • Build consultation
  • Baselining vehicles
  • Stage by stage planned upfits
  • Build blueprint plans with parts lists for DIY'ers
  • Purpose oriented full build outs
  • Individual component installations

No job is too big or too small - we are here to help.

Did you know we also sell parts? Our online store Sandbox Off Road, features a hand-picked selection of off-road and overland parts.

Reach out, we'd love to hear more about you and your vehicle.

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